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While I a pro sample involving Arther Russell (listen below) the lyrics are just bad. And not in a “The Room” type of way where it’s actually amazing. Like you should probably just save your 4 minutes and smoke a cigarette. Even if you don’t smoke. You can begin killing yourself slowly in an effort to maybe escape any future Kanye West albums.

Just kidding, “College Dropout” is great + critics tell us “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” But at this point, Kanye’s rhymes are just narrative to a reality show I wouldn’t watch.

I mean, I miss that DMX feeling too, I just don’t remember DMX doing songs about waffle house arguments.

The 5 lyrics from Kanye’s new song I have a problem with.

1. “I hit the gym all chest no legs, then I make myself a smooooothie”
I don’t want to hear about anybody’s workout routine unless you injured yourself in a funny way. Kanye West included.

2. “The only thing open is waffle house, girl don’t start with me”
If I wanted to hear the specific lines of a small fight I wouldn’t have included “no couples” in my craigslist ad looking for a roommate.

3. “Well, I guess a blow jobs better than no job”
This is just something your drunk uncle would say at thanksgiving a few weeks before your blood aunt divorces him.

4. “Checkin media takeout, pictures of me drunk walking out with a bitch, but it’s blurry enough to get the fakeout”
Ya know, I just don’t relate to this line. Like 4 people relate to this line.

5. “Chicago to St. Loius, St. Loius to Chicago Ondelay ondelay E.I. E.I. uh oh”
Got it, short flight. Bilingual shout out to Nelly.

Listen Here

Admitting that Kanye has good songs. Admitting he can be inspiring in some weird way at random times. I just feel like, if you claim to have the greatest album of time and then change the name 3 times in a week, I don’t want it to read like toss out scenes from Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Aside from that, here is the song by little known artist Arther Russell that was masterfully sampled.

Listen for yourself below. Is it actually good? Am I just old and bitter. LMK!

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