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On Saturday October 24th, Deep Cuts Records Store will host a post fire Silent Barn photo show/ BBQ. Photos featured here will be for sale. Time to day boogie.


As you very well may know, DIY hub Silent Barn in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn suffered a fire. The resulting damage has left volunteers and inhabitants at a loss and the venue fighting to recoup lost funds from 3 weeks of abandoned shows. The space, which last year hosted 40 shows a month, is run by 70 department leaders. Also housing 15 working groups, 38 stewdios and 14 artists in residence, in addition to operating as a record store, barber shop, and a number of other things.The space is a welcoming village of Brooklyn and creature of creation.

In an effort to better the situation a few people have put together a photography show to benefit the Silent Barn in their time of need. So, huge thanks to Deep Cuts Record Store for hosting, as well as Walter Wlodarczyk and Edwina Hay from Impose for compiling such a talented list of photographers, as well as all the photographers donating photos to the event. All of the proceeds from the pictures (mostly taken of Silent Barn) and a portion of the records sold will go to the cause. The BBQ, tacos, records, photo show and general good times start at 2:00.

Jeanette-D.-Moses-Downtown-Boys Downtown Boys by Jeanette D. Moses

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Andrew-Piccone---mitski---silent-barn Mitski by Andrew Picone

Silent-Barn-Alix-Piorun Hieroglyph Thesaurus (Center) by Alix Piorun

Olivia-Neutron-John-Silent-Barn-edwina-hay Olivia Neutron John by Edwina Hay

The following photographers will be featured:

Seth Applebaum
Alex Broadwell
Nate Dorr
Cheryl Georgette
Richard Gin
Stephanie Griffin
Edwina Hay
Nicki Ishmael
Dylan Johnson
Steve Francis Kong
Jeanette D. Moses
Nick Normal
Eric Phipps
Andrew Piccone
Alix Piorun
Tod Seelie
Walter Wlodarczyk
Ebru Yildiz

mitski-Eric-Phipps Mitski by Eric Phipps

pit-at-palisades---Steve-Francis-Kong“Pit at Palisades” by Steve Francis Kong

inside-the-silent-barn by Dylan Johnson


RVIVR-at-Punk-Island-'15RVIVR at Punk Island ’15 by Steve Francis Kong

stephanie-griffin-glad-you-made-it This image + the cover photo taken by Stephanie Griffin

If you would like to read more about the needs of the residents click here.


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