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Brooklyn Night Bazaar to Riis Park Beach Bazaar to Wildfeast this weekend.

Aaron Broudo and Belvy Klein started the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, the Riis Park Beach Bazaar and this weekend will be working with Wildfeast to kick off an Octoberfest party on the water.

BK Bazaar Final Weekend-158

Photo: Perfect Pussy Closing Down the Last Night at Brooklyn Night Bazaar


We sat down with Belvy Klien to talk a little bit about the history of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, the Beach Bazaar and the new seafood place Wildfeast on the beach.

Beach Bazaar This Summer

Beach Bazaar This Summer

So BK Night Bazaar encompassed a lot of ideas Did you have any inspiration for the space?

The warehouses in Brooklyn were much easier. You just had these massive blank indoor canvasses that you could pretty much do anything, and go anywhere, with design wise. The beach is obviously a much different animal – it’s outside, it’s a National Park that’s under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government, it’s historically land marked, so every time you want to do something you have to write a proposal and ask permission which can get frustrating. It’s the Federal Government after all, so as you can imagine things can get bogged down a little sometimes. There were a lot things we weren’t able to do this first year that I hope we can get another shot at over next bunch of seasons.

BK Bazaar Final Weekend-170

Photo: Belvy Klein, Aaron Broudo, Tyler Kane and crew the last night of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar

What are your current plans for the future?

Really just keep on doing what we do – taking over huge indoor and outdoor spaces and transforming them into new versions of Brooklyn Bazaar. We are still very much still looking for a new indoor space in Brooklyn for the next incarnation of the Night Bazaar, it’s just been frustrating with the numbers that come back to us. Some of these real estate guys and property owners are just out of their fucking minds with what they are charging! It’s seriously insane.



Photo: Riis Park Beach Bazaar.

How was the transformation to the beach?

We weren’t really sure how it was going to go and remember, originally the plan was that RPBB was just going to be an extension of the Bazaar not a replacement (we found we had won the bid for Riis about two months before we got the eviction/BMW news). We were like, well it’s Brooklyn Bazaar but it’s outside, in the day time, at the beach. What does that look like? I think we figured it out fairly quickly – arcade games and ping pong weren’t really doable out here but instead you have beach volleyball, chair and umbrella rentals – coconuts, towels, suntan lotion, general beach stuff. The two biggies – music and food, transitioned pretty seamlessly.

When does the Beach Bazaar open back up?

RPBB picks up again on Memorial Day Weekend. We are opening a restaurant/bar here in our main food pavilion (Bay 9) that will operate during the off season. It’s a collaboration between us and one of our vendors, Wildfeast Foods. Seafood at the seashore – it just seemed like a no brainer to me.
The Restaurant is called Wildfeast at Riis, the bar is called Riis Point. The Grand Opening in this weekend 10/10, 10/11.

What kind of food is Wildfeast going to have?

I’m a MEGA fan of their Grilled Monkfish Sandwich and Grilled Blowfish tails but am also looking forward to short-rib sliders, North Fork lamb and some Long Island clam chowder. On the weekends for brunch, we’re going to have sweet-potato waffles, housemade scones, and a traditional Irish breakfast. Rockaway is the Irish Riviera, after all.


What do you have planned to get people in the door this off season?

I think just the fact that the food is so damn good that that should be the strongest hook.
But we are planning on having multiple one off events throughout fall and winter including our Grand Opening/1st Annual Oceanside Oktoberfest, harvest fairs, farmers markets, crab boils, pig roasts, and a Halloween Concert/Dog Parade Costume Contest on 10/31 featuring Rockaway surf kings The Supertones, best surf band in the Tri-State area in my opinion and Long Beach’s favorite party band, The Shipwrecks. The pooches are TBD.

The Grand Opening/Oktoberfest is this weekend, We have live music each day.

10/10 The Bottom Dollars RSVP HERE

10/11 The Sunnyside Social Club RSVP HERE

For the young ones, we have a special Kids Zone set up that will feature activities like pumpkin painting and carving, face painting, and wreath making. For the adults we have lots of great beer and cocktail options including Manhattan Beer Distributors’ Party Wagon coming in to pour Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale, Sam Adams Octoberfest, as well as top tier German imports like Pschorr Oktoberfest and Paulaner Premium Pilsner. And for adults and kids alike Wildfeast at Riis has a fantastic Oktoberfest menu lined up (I tried the Brats and Knocks last week and they are out of this world. Charcuterie was no joke either – Duck Pastrami!)


Riis Park Beach Bazaar

Wildfeast, which doubles as a caterer, sources its fish locally and gets much of its meat from nearby as well. They turn ducks and pigs from Long Island into housemade prosciutto, and this past weekend they served a knockwurst that knocked it out of the park. Add to that, they source veggies like tomatoes, peppers, baby eggplants, and squash from their own one-acre farm in the North Fork, which is greenhoused during the winter.


Photo: Wildfeast BBQ

For those interested here is the Wildfeast Oktoberfest Menu

Bar Food/Sides:
House Smoked Charcuterie and Cheese plates
Freshly Baked Jumbo Pretzels with German Mustard and Fresh Fruit relishes

Sold at the counters :
1. Hendl – Pasture raised grilled split chicken served with house cured bacon roasted Long Island potatoes.

2. Frankfurter – With custom baked rolls, stone ground mustard and house made sauerkraut. These are made by lightly smoking in traditional fresh sheep casing for that snappy texture.

3. Bratwurst – Made with Pasture raised Farm Fresh Pork and very lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin and sweet paprika we will serve a traditional bratwurst

4. Knockwurst – Made with Pork, Veal, Garlic and Herbs from our farm

5. Schweinbraten – Pork Shank Braised for hrs until super tender then cooked under high heat for a super crispy texture on the outside. Served with House made Long Island Apple Sauce

6. Huhner Shnitzel – Stuffed bread and fry fresh chicken breast with Black Forest Ham, Gruyere and Emmentaler Cheese. Served with kasespatzle which is a traditional noodle with cheese dish.

Sides include:
Potato pancakes, Baked Cabbage with Caramelized Apples and Pickled Vegetables

Ginger Snap and Pumpkin Cream Cookie Sandwiches
Long Island Honey Crisp and Gala Apple Strudel
Lingonberry Donuts with Sugar Plum Glaze


Wildfeast opens here at the heart of Riis Park Beach for the winter on Oct. 10th + 11th

In the interest of disclosure Riis Park Beach Bazaar is a media partner of Dojo Zine.
All photos by Dylan Johnson or provided by Wildfeast.

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