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New video and interview with Drainhead Macintosh.

Where are you from?

Grew up in right on the border of the west side of Chicago in a town called Oak Park. It’s between North Avenue & Roosevelt, Harlem & Austin.

I spent my early years in Oklahoma and California. The video has an outdoorsy feel that reminds me of both locations in different scenes. Did you have a feeling in mind you were trying to convey?

I wanted the video to feel kinda like a dream. People might not be able to tell but the girl in the video, Rebecca, is supposed to be sleep walking. What we see is supposed to be what she sees in her dreams, and I love that it feels like she’s just having fun kinda doing nothing. She’s not dreaming about money or jewelry or anything like that..even though that car they’re riding in is pretty dope hahah.

Where was the video shot?

Malibu Creek State Park & My friend Victoria’s living room in Noho.

Who are your main influences?

Really I’m influenced by whatever is relevant to me and my friends’ lives. I write about the things I think about and the stuff me and my friends talk about. But muscially? I listen to all kinds of shit. I grew up listening to the same rap stuff everybody listened to. Eminem, Outkast, Jay, Kanye, Lauren Hill…and then my parents music. Prince, Jimmie, the stones, chaka, sade…..But right now, Off the top of my head, right now…St Paul & the broken bones, Father, Allen Stone, Preston Harris, London Grammar, Black Bear, Gary Clark Jr, Thundercat.

What’s coming up next?
Well this Koalas video is the first song coming out from my EP called “The World is♭” It’s a 7 song EP produced by Travis Bunn & Chris Hermer, recorded at Sea Horse Studios, downtown LA by Bill Burke.

Swayze or Bacon?
lol…i really do fuck with Swayze….but few things > bacon.

Biggie or Tupac?
hardest question there is………….they are both always so dope and forever relevant ………..but because of all the political shit goin on right now, i’m gonna say Pac.

Puppies or Kitties?
Puppies 10394308% of the time.

What do think the meaning of life is?
Making other people’s lives doper.


When can we hear more?
The world is flat EP will be out by the end of April.

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