Dreamy surf rock stars from NYC, High Waisted, were kind enough to share a premiere with Dojo Zine and a few words about their new tapes. Track List SIDE A The Shadows – “Apache” Swinging Blue Jeans – “Don’t Make Me Over” Link Wray – “Jack the Ripper” Bobby Pickett “Monster Mash” High Waisted – “Hey Hey” The Chordettes – “Mr. Sandman” SIDE B Rodriguez – “Sugar Man” High Waisted – “Wail” Otis Redding – “That’s How Strong My Love Is” Surfaris – “Wipeout” Dick Dale – “Misirilou” Santo & Johnny – “Sleepwalk” A few notes from High Waisted… This is the second release in our series, The Acid Tapes. Both volumes, 1 and 2, were recorded in unusual settings, in one take, while under the influence of acid. There are two originals. The rest are covers selected for their cool groove, dirty lyrics, or bad girl vibes. Some of…Continue Reading
Rick Daily -38
Rick Daily was kind enough to sit down and go through his old trunk of photos and some memories with me. Through spending a year in a teepee to run ins with the law, Rick Daily has seen a lot. I recognized a lot of parallels. The photographer/ printshop owner started his own music magazine in Oklahoma in the late 70’s. Before the magazine, Rick went to jail for 90 days in McAlester, Oklahoma. He was brought up for making change for a friends $5 matchstick box of pot. Giving someone change made him an accomplice. He said to me, “I don’t think i ever shook it off. It gave me some kind of syndrome. I was going to be a lawyer. Now Im a screen printer.” We were lucky enough to have Rick share a few of his images with the world. He can be contacted through MicahPetrone (at)…Continue Reading
photos + words by Kevin Brown On any given night in Nashville, an individual may be faced with an overwhelming array of options for live music. In fact, as I’ve learned in over a year of living here, this crushing weight occurs not only on any given night, but almost every given night. Situated just a few blocks away from the renowned honky tonks and wide-eyed buskers down on Broadway, the Cannery Row complex typically offers three distinct options at three separate venues in the same building. Here, in this night captured for DOJO ZINE, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Mitski’s current US tour with the Bostonians of Palehound and PWR BTTM hit the complex’s smallest room, The High Watt, while a weekly free showcase of local musicians took place across a corridor at Mercy Lounge and – yes, they’re still around – pop punk veterans Motion City Soundtrack played downstairs at the…Continue Reading
One year ago today Death by Audio in Brooklyn closed it’s doors. Here is a look back at a few photos from throughout the years. pics by Dylan Johnson
Swedish punk band Makthaverskan finishes their tour with a set of shows dominating CMJ and a day hanging out with Jono Bernstein in Brooklyn. Did you choose to play music or did it pick you? I guess it just happened. i had always been very interested in music but never really thought of doing it myself. Then one christmas i got a bass guitar from my father. And maybe some month later i started to play music with some friends.So i guess it kind of chose me. I have never had the intention to be a musician. it just kind of happened. How do you feel about social media and the use of camera phones at your shows? I am really bad at social media. I don’t read twitter or anything. I know that Makthaverskan has a twitter, but i don’t know how to use it… I don’t really care…Continue Reading