In a male dominated industry women have can have a tougher time being taken seriously, moving up or being acknowledged for greatness. Through relentless drive, unrelenting determination and so forth, some women have paved the way for the future. Being a white male, I don’t have the slightest inkling of what it’s like to face adversity. It is, in my humble opinion to, my job to not only give credit where credit is do, but also recognize when people have to face uphill battles. In simultaneous acknowledgment of talent and understanding the fight people face on a day to day basis, we can at the very least, begin to embrace a concept that is long overdue. We also get to listen to amazing women shred guitars. Without further ado, here is a playlist for your International Womens day. 1. Peaches 2. Sheer Mag 3. Potty Mouth 4. Screaming Females 5.…Continue Reading
BK Bazaar Final Weekend-17
Sisters Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayo are not new to the world of rock. Oklahoma natives, now residing in Washington, these women are visionaries in their genre. I was fortunate enough to meet these ladies at the ages of 9 and 12, when they were playing local shows, shredding and wailing harder than any boy would dare. Six, seven years later, they’re right where they want to be. They’ve stayed on track and toured with punk legends like Babes in Toyland and done studio work with Exene Cervenka. They’ve written songs with some of their favorite musicians. However, they don’t really care what you think. Your new EP, “Ugly Pop”, includes new and old tracks. Are these new recordings? Where did you record/produce these new songs? Peyton and Kelli – The only new recordings are Oddie Moore and Cosmetic Skull. Alabama Movies and A Little Late are the versions from…Continue Reading
March 10-13, “Everything is Not Okay II: How Do You Put a Price on Garbage”, will flood Oklahoma City venues with punk bands from all over the U.S. You’ve probably never heard of it. If you attended last year, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Festival founder, local artist, and punk Ross Adams said he just wanted to see his friends bands. Adams’ band, American Hate, didn’t get to take their usual tour last year, so the only logical thing was to bring every band they have ever been in touch with to one central location. “I usually can’t afford to go to big festivals, so I just threw one”, said Adams. Some Recommended Listening Sheer Mag Downtown Boys Chuckleheads (played last year) ——— Hell yes you did. With over 40 touring bands and less than 10 locals the festival is bringing something unique together in an unconventional way.…Continue Reading
Soft Metals How did you get your start? I think I always liked the idea of taking pictures but I never acted on it until later in life. I first got the bug working as a recording engineer in a major Los Angeles studio. After working with famed recording engineer, Eddie Kramer (Zeppelin, Hendrix, Rolling Stones) and seeing his photographs documenting recording sessions, it inspired me to do the same with the bands I was working with. A little later on, as I was getting burned out recording, I was given the opportunity to handle all the social media and in-house creative direction for a small indie label. This included creating all the online and print content for the handful of bands we were working with. I was doing everything from behind-the-scenes photos and video of recording sessions, doing press photos, and shooting live gigs. From there it just spiraled…Continue Reading
It surprised me when I came to Mardi Gras. The streets were gritty. The over indulgence was there. But, not in a deprived way. At least not one I viewed negatively. The city really comes together. And if you stay off of Bourbon Street, you might get a little taste of the hospitality and charm that makes this place what it is. Photos from 2015
On January 10th the Portland chapter of the annual global No Pants Subway Ride took place again. The event was founded back in 2002 by Improv Everywhere in New York City. The ride which garners donations for the Portland Rescue Mission saw bare legs, slightly confused onlookers, a marriage proposal and a whole lot more. Photos below.
Opolis 2016 Helen Kelter Skelter Poolboy -21
Tyson Meade, plays down, but is often referered as the “godfather of alternative rock music.” The founder of the Chainsaw Kittens and Defenestration, one of the bands cited in Road to Nirvana as inspiration for Kurt Cobain, joined the stage to ring in the New Year, soaked in cider with heavy, psych-folk five piece Helen Kelter Skelter + landlocked surf rockers Poolboy at Opolis in Norman, Oklahoma. Fun fact: Spike Jonze’s directorial debut was of the Chain Saw Kittens video for “High In High School” HELEN KELTER SKELTER by Helen Kelter Skelter Soda Kids EP by Poolboy