Dojo Fest Austin Saturday 1600-133
As all 84 bands from Dojo Fest barreled on through the 6 days of non stop music Saturday meant intense hangovers, sleep deprivation and malnutrician. Fortunatly there was no time for such matters. We were graced with yet another round of amazing acts. Patio, Go!zilla, Iska Dhaaf, Gazebos, Tijuana Panthers, Lionlimb, Eerie Wanda, Summer Twins, Kississippi, Wildings, Ferbus, Helen Kelter Skelter, Carroll, PROM, Twin Cabins, French Horn Rebellion and Astronautalis to close the night down.
Country music died today with Merle Haggard. But besides being a gifted musician and godfather of outlaw country Merle Haggard was a prince of a man. Here is an excerpt about how he stopped a major tour so his dog and traveling companion could have puppies. From the back of Merle’s album, The Best of the Best of Merle Haggard. “Let me tell you about a toy terrier. Her name’s WaWe. She replaced PeBe, Merle’s beloved dog, who was run down and is now buried on Merle’s California ranch. The way the story goes, WaWe traveled with Merle on his many concert tours. They were in the Southeast-and WaWe was going to have pups. So the show had to stop. Merle’s incredibly successful tour was delayed- right there on the spot. And everybody waited. Eventually, WaWe had three male puppies. (One of them, Pepper, is on the cover.)” RIP to…Continue Reading
Sean Lennon, known for his collaborations with Deerhoof, Fat White Family, his own band Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger and coming out of John Lennon’s penis lays down an album with Les Claypool of primus. Claypool who plays bass on the album told Rolling Stone the two, “”hit it off” in a recent interview. He went on to say that people would be surprised by “what a monster of a guitar player Sean is,” When Les asked Lennon’s band GOASTT to come on tour the relationship was spawned. Lennon stated, “Like many musicians of my generation I was heavily into Primus,” Read more on Rolling Stone. Click here to check out our picks for last months best music
The jazzy, funky beginning to the careers of Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Q-Tip all began with a Tribe Called Quest. The Queens duo of Phife and Q-Tip met in high school and went on to leave a footprint in the alternative hip hop movement that will live eternally. The recently passed member born Malik Isaac Taylor, died on March 22nd 2016 due to complications from diabetus at the age of 45. In the interest of celebrating life more that dwelling on death, a tribute. Here are 7 of our favorite Tribe Called Quest classics. 1. Award Tour 2. Electric Relaxation 3. Check the Rhime 4. Can I Kick It 5. Oh My God 6. Footprints 7. Sucka Nigga For a deeper look, here are Phife’s 5 favorite Tribe songs himself. This one hits home. RIP Phife. Photo via Matafact
Outside of being an amazing photographer Lee Nutter of Sydney, Australio is a kind guy. Kind enough to sit down and answer some questions for me over the internet. He also shared some photos. How did you get your start? I have some photogenic friends 🙂 Who are your biggest influences? It’s hard to say. Henry Miller, Hunter S. Thompson, Leonard Cohen, Ornette Coleman, Mark Rothko, David Choe, Prabuddha Dasgupta, Saul Leiter, Robert Aitken, Christopher Ryan. Close friends who listen to my ramblings or inspire me with their own life and work. You can take three things to a desert island that aren’t your phone. What do you choose? My laptop, a camera, and my kindle. Is that cheating? OK, a box of cigars, a decent whisky, and some strong coffee. Oh wait, could my girl be considered a thing? Maybe her, a chessboard, and a Henry Miller novel. How…Continue Reading
FREE RSVP TO DOJO FEST AUSTIN facebook event FREE at the Longbranch Inn March 15th to 20th The Shivas – White Reaper – Cosmonauts – Astronautalis – Tijuana Panthers – High Waisted – Gringo Star – Still Parade – Summer Heart – Eerie Wanda – TEEN – Adult Books – The Walters – Feels – Death by Unga Bunga + like 60 more!!! We are proud to announce our first ever Dojo Fest at the Longbranch Inn for SXSW. With 10 showcases over the course of 6 days! We are pleased to be working with out good friends Terrorbird Media, Girlie Action and Force Field PR on 11th St and Lydia. I can’t wait to see you. <3 Sweep the leg Johnny Tuesday Night 6pm – 2am Cosmostanza Daddy Issues So Pitted Lee Bains III Gringo Star Cold Fronts Jackson Boone New Madrid Sardashhh Wednesday Afternoon 12pm – 6pm Terrorbird…Continue Reading
We hung out with Broncho while they put the finishing touches on their new album at Blackwatch Studios. New album titled Double Vanity. This album’s out May 27th. Stream the new below. Stream the new single on The Fader