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Dreamy surf rock stars from NYC, High Waisted, were kind enough to share a premiere with Dojo Zine and a few words about their new tapes.

Track List
The Shadows – “Apache”
Swinging Blue Jeans – “Don’t Make Me Over”
Link Wray – “Jack the Ripper”
Bobby Pickett “Monster Mash”
High Waisted – “Hey Hey”
The Chordettes – “Mr. Sandman”
Rodriguez – “Sugar Man”
High Waisted – “Wail”
Otis Redding – “That’s How Strong My Love Is”
Surfaris – “Wipeout”
Dick Dale – “Misirilou”
Santo & Johnny – “Sleepwalk”


A few notes from High Waisted…

This is the second release in our series, The Acid Tapes.

Both volumes, 1 and 2, were recorded in unusual settings, in one take, while under the influence of acid.

There are two originals. The rest are covers selected for their cool groove, dirty lyrics, or bad girl vibes.

Some of the covers we choose, like “Sugar Man” by Rodriquez, are the types of songs we wish we had written.

High-Waisted-Acid-Tapes-Vol-2By Daniel Topete

High Waisted has a single release in January, full length record in March, called “On Ludlow” and a show coming up at Berlin in NYC on Dec 16th.


High Waisted - Savants - Fascinator - booze cruise -boat-59

High Waisted Booze Cruise by Dylan Johnson

How to best enjoy the Acid Tapes Vol 2.
An instructional guide by High Waisted

While necking with a hot blonde.
Crawl under your boyfriend’s bed, press play on your walkman.
During a high speed chase.
At the YMCA.
Snort a fuck-ton of cat nip and chug down some Yoo-hoo.
In a freezing cold shower while wear your socks.
With your eyes closed flying through space and time.
While scrambling eggs on a hot sidewalk.
During a meeting with your CPA.
Submerge your face into a bowl of spaghetti, blow marinara bubble to the beat.

Or, at a party with friends.


High-Waisted-by-Matthew-Kanberg-800 Shot by Matthew Kanberg

Personal recommendations:
The tape is highly listenable all the way through from “Apache” to Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny. But, be sure to make it all the way to Otis Redding’s – “That’s How Strong My Love Is” for some raw emotion and a little tenderness.

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