Dojo Zine is a DIY Photography, Music and Art Magazine.

We throw parties. We do the internet. We put ink on paper.

We don’t post about what people wear to the VMA’s. We’re here to make the internet a better place.

In addition to a rapidly approaching monthly concert series, we have a quarterly paper/zine and an online magazine serving up some of the freshest up and coming artists, photographers, and heroes.


Dojo started out as an art space, a music venue, a selective working co-op and place for artists to sharpen their knives. With ideas incorporated from and influenced from travel, from pain, from growth. A DIY space in the downtown area of Norman, OK to a magazine in Brooklyn, NY. With the experience that has brought us here, we enter the new era of creation. The magazine will be about learning from artists and photographers we admire. To explore and develop new understandings of unfamiliar territory. And to party and celebrate life as long as we have it.

To the death of a venue and the birth of the future. Sweep the leg Johnny.


Holler – HeyThere {at }


Based in Brooklyn, Dojo Zine reaches an audience that we are proud to call fans. Innovators. People that think different. People that influence rather than are influenced. If you are looking to set the bar high, we are building complete custom packages based on your desired outcome.

We currently have openings on event sponsorship, paper ads, interactive and website banners bases on CPM,PPC and geo targeted daily rate basis. For more information on demographics please contact us at HeyThere {at } Thanks for your interest.

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