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Swedish punk band Makthaverskan finishes their tour with a set of shows dominating CMJ and a day hanging out with Jono Bernstein in Brooklyn.


Under the Williamsburg bridge


Backstage beers at Baby’s All Right

Did you choose to play music or did it pick you?
I guess it just happened. i had always been very interested in music but never really thought of doing it myself. Then one christmas i got a bass guitar from my father. And maybe some month later i started to play music with some friends.So i guess it kind of chose me. I have never had the intention to be a musician. it just kind of happened.

How do you feel about social media and the use of camera phones at your shows?
I am really bad at social media. I don’t read twitter or anything. I know that Makthaverskan has a twitter, but i don’t know how to use it… I don’t really care if people bring out their phones during shows to take photos. I guess it’s kind of lame, but still, i do it as well.

What keeps the band together?
The same that has always kept us together. The friendship that we share and the love for the music that we make.

How do you stay sane and healthy on long tour stints?
Umm… I don’t really know. It’s hard to be healthy during tours… kind of impossible. A lot of potato chips and sitting in the tour van for the most of the days isn’t the most healthy thing you can do i guess. Touring can be really stressful. But somehow we have survived everytime.


Gearing up for the Brooklyn Vegan showcase at CMJ music festival




What other art do you and create/enjoy?
We all do other stuff besides Makthaverskan. Gustav is playing with me in a Band called Westkust, and also has a solo project coming up. Irma is the one that has done all the artwork for the makthaverskan albums and singles, Maja makes techno music, Palle is playing drums in an Oi! punk band and i play in several other bands and have a tape label that releases mostly noise music.

What are some pre-show rituals or any unusual warmup techniques that you do?
Mostly just drink enough beer to stop being nervous and watch palle putting on his makeup and stage clothing.

When can we see you next in the US/UK/AUS?
We are working on songs for our next album so probably not until we have all of our songs ready and recorded i’m afraid.



Makthaverskan eating pizza in Williamsburg

Who are a few of your favorite artist right now?
For the biggest part of the year i have almost exclusively listened to Prefab Sprout. It was one of those discoveries that was kind of life changing. From the first time i heard Jordan: the comeback i was hooked. Also i enjoy listening to bands from Gothenburg. There is a lot of good music from the Gothenburg underground scene. Neutral is a band that i really enjoy. School 94 as well.

If you had to give advice to anyone turning a creative outlet into a career, what would it be?
I really don’t know. I don’t think we are the right band to give advices since we always have the worst of luck.



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