Rami, Jake and Dhruv are set to open a new space sometime in Fall of 2016. The venue is right off of the Jefferson L train at 599 Johnson Avenue in the Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn. The venue owners who also run Popgun booking stated that they began the search in 2013 and spent a year and half before finding the right spot. “Elsewhere will be comprised of five main spaces. The largest, a 5,000 square-foot performance hall, will offer live and dance music, and serve as a space for multi-disciplinary events. A smaller, 1,200 square-foot performance space, will showcase emerging artists. The 5,000 square-foot rooftop will offer a full bar, and will host parties, film nights, open-air art installations and more. Inside, the Loft Bar will open during the afternoons and continue past the evening’s events, functioning as a hub for the community to engage with the space beyond…Continue Reading
Mandy Lee of MisterWives
The best part of NYC’s Governor’s Ball isn’t the music, the food, or all the activities; it’s the people. Upon entering the gates, Gov Ball volunteers greet festival goers with smiles, high fives and excitement, setting the tone for a great weekend of fun. We kicked the day off with the beautiful harmonies and dance beats of Meg Mac. Followed by crowd favorite, Bully. Singer and guitarist Alicia Bognann screamed, wailed, thrashed, and hid behind a curtain of blonde hair. During a chat with the band they confessed that if they only had twenty four hours in NYC they would spend most of it eating NYC’s best food. “Pizza, bagels, and dumplings” squealed Bognann. After their set, we did just that, and purused the over 50 food options, all native to NYC. Gov Ball supports local business and is for foodies and the hungry alike. It wouldn’t feel right skipping…Continue Reading
How do NYC fashionistas cope with hot summer days, chilly evenings and even torrential downpours? With style, comfort, and an IDGAF attitude. Festival goers traded in their flower crowns (finally!) for chokers and collars. Florals, prints, and bright colors added a chic flair to the typically tough, all black NYC look. Although, there was still an abundance of denim, black, and leather. This is NYC after all. This summer, lace and fringe were upgraded to ruffles and pleats. Modesty and practicality beat out the classic booty shorts and bikini look seen at Coachella. The teen scene didn’t quite get this memo. Flash tats, pastel hair and french braids were everywhere. Sundresses, sandals and scarves were abundant. Well done NYC, you looked great, and you even managed to pack your ponchos. A note to other festival goers: keep it simple, keep it chic, and always wear waterproof makeup. Scroll down for…Continue Reading
Magnum is possibly the world’s most famous photography agency. Their desire for excellence is demonstrated in their membership application process. Out of the hundreds of photographers between one and four have been selected per year for the last five years. Once selected you have another chance two years down the road to present another portfolio to apply for ‘Associate Membership’. It is voted upon by the members who also own the agency. When chosen you then two years later apply for ‘Full Membership’ in front of the board again. If you pass this level, you are in for life. They are having a print sale right now of some of their top photographers work. Here are just a few of the signed prints available from now until June 10th in the Decisive Moments. Bruno Barbey | Purchase Here Carolyn Drake | Purchase Here Stuart Franklin | Purchase Here David Alan…Continue Reading
Norman Music Festival 2016-36
On top of the amazing acts put together for a free music festival in downtown Norman, OK, with our friends at Stash we put together a lineup to be proud of for the Dojo after party stage. Photos below by Kerry Myers
by Kerry Myers B.L.O.W., aka Balthazar’s Ladies of Wrestling, is a women’s wrestling troupe from Oklahoma City. The brainchild of Leslie Hensley has become in incredible outlet for talented performers to beat the shit out of each other. January 2014 marked the first B.L.O.W. match; don’t expect this to stop any time soon. Photos taken 4.28.16 at the Oklahoma City Farmer’s Market The Ultimate Warrior vs. The Undertaker (Leslie Hensley & Chase Vegas) Special Guest: Andy Kaufman vs. Vajaguar (Summer Graham & Rachel Craig) Ric Flair vs. Ravishing Rick Rude (Dan Rueb & Zeke Varnell) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan (Eboni Adams & Shavonne McRee) maybe not pictured but still badass Big Van Vader (Thorne Poorman) vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Eric Everett) Mankind (Holly Pierce) Godiva’s Tables Ladders and Chairs Brawl for All Voice of B.L.O.W.: Jacob Jay Featuring emcees Cassidy Queerface and Ryan Drake Referee: Gogger Goggerino
Fri Day Dojo Fest-10
Boulevards is part dance machine, part captured tracks new project, part 2016 reincarnated Michael Jackson. When we had the opportunity to work with, I didn’t know much about him. The day of the show he came in, looked around while nervously hung back waiting to thank him for playing. After a thorough exam of the venue, he peeked over and gave me a head nod. He laid low and watched as the Walters did a number on the stage. What happened next, I don’t think anyone was ready for. He grabbed the microphone and just started chanting, “I’m about to change the pace”. Eyebrows raised with every repeat into clap-stomp. His performance reminded me of what would have happened if Prince took the stage at a dive bar before anyone knew who he was. Check the energy of Boulevards in the new video below for “Move and Shout”